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Why do we wear clothes?

Some years back, some time in 2008 I think, I had posed a question in my blog, “Why do we wear clothes?” and requested for responses from people. I think I received just two responses. Both were sensible, though not complete. Later, I gave an answer based on some studies reported in the media, which also may not be complete. The reason for the present post is that I find several web pages that discuss the same topic, including an interesting YouTube video. I just thought that some of my readers might be interested.

Here is another blog that discusses the same question: Don’t forget to read the comments also.

Here is another web page, from this time:

The YouTube video I mentioned can be seen from here: In the video, the gentleman explains how the reason for humans wearing clothes is closely related to his relatively large brain.

Hope you all will enjoy this investigation into one of the most important things in our lives.


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